Precision Ball Manufacturer For Over 70 Years

ITI Ball is one of the largest manufacturers of precision engineered balls and other spherical products for the aerospace, automotive, industrial, medical, nuclear, and oil & gas industries. Industrial Tectonics can meet your specialty ball needs.

Ball & Seat Valves - ITI Ball
Ball & Seat Valves

ITI ball and seat sets are produced to the highest quality standards and to a variation of materials.
Ceramic Balls - ITI Ball
Ceramic Balls

ITI ceramic balls are available in many compositions and formulations.
Gauge Products - ITI Ball
Gauge Products

ITI gauge products are widely used in inspection and quality departments engaged in close-tolerance measurements.
Glass Balls - ITI Ball
Glass Balls

ITI glass balls are ideal for check valves in food processing, pharmaceutical, and photographic processing equipment.
Hollow Balls & Ball Transfer Units - ITI Ball
Hollow Balls

ITI hollow balls are used in applications where either flotation or weight savings are required.
Modified Balls - ITI Ball
Modified Balls

You can be sure nothing will be overlooked while ITI provides you the best modified ball solution.
Other Ball Materials - ITI Ball
Other Materials

ITI can manufacture balls from aluminum, brass, bronze, cobalt, M-50 steel, and tantalum.
Plastic Balls - ITI Ball
Plastic Balls

ITI plastic balls are ideal for light-load bearings and flow control applications.
Special Alloy Balls - ITI Ball
Special Alloy Balls

ITI manufactures nickel alloy balls such as Inconel, Monel 400 and K 500 Monel, and Hastelloy® balls.
Stainless Steel Balls - ITI BallStainless Steel
Stainless Steel Balls

ITI stainless steel balls are available in virtually every grade of stainless steel: 300 series, 400 series and specialized / custom grades.
Tungsten Carbide Balls - ITI Ball
Tungsten Carbide Balls

ITI tungsten carbide (TC) balls are used where extreme hardness and wear resistance is required.