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Thursday November 26th, 2015
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How Master Balls Solve Tough Gaging Problems. Master Balls Gage balls do what gage blocks can't. Like gaging I.D.'s, internal tapers, flatness and more.
Like plastics and other non-metals, ceramic balls are available in a host of compositions and formulations. This data sheet covers many of the general properties shared by ceramic balls.
A wide variety of stainless steels balls are available. Their applications are equally varied. Austenitic types of stainless steel balls, including 18-8, 316 and the patented Carpenter 20Cb-3.
You can be sure nothing will be overlooked while giving you the best modified ball solution. The creative design and precision manufacturing of "just the right ball" can make a major difference.

Tungsten carbide (TC) balls are used where extreme hardness and wear resistance is required; in such applications as bearings, ball screws, valves and flowmeters.

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Because their polished surfaces provide an extremely good seal, glass balls are ideal for check valves in food processing, pharmaceutical, and photographic processing equipment.

Plastic balls are ideal for light-load bearings and flow control applications. Because they are quiet, plastic balls are often used in office furniture, medical products, and similar applications.

Inconel alloy balls, Monel and K-Monel balls, or Hastelloy balls are often used when the corrosion or high temperature requirements are too severe for the common stainless steels available.

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Tantalum Balls, M-50 High Speed Steel Balls, Brass Balls, Aluminum Bronze Balls,
Cobalt Balls.

The Reliable Source for Ball and Seat Valves for Artificial Lift Systems

Industrial Tectonics Inc. manufactures specialty high-precision balls from .005" to 10" diameter, which are ideal for applications ranging from petrochemical to the nuclear industry. ITI® maintains the world's largest selection of stock specialty balls. We will also custom manufacture specialty high-precision balls from hundreds of materials to a customer's specifications.

ITI can meet your Specialty Ball needs - We can produce balls from any workable material to meet specific requirements for weight, magnetic properties, self-lubrication, and abrasion resistance, or for service at elevated or cryogenic temperatures or under conditions of noise or radioactivity.

The number of these special materials and their alloys ranges into the hundreds. In addition to supplying balls of special materials, we also offer no obligation engineering consultation to assist you in selecting the right ball for a specific application.

Precision Balls materials include tungsten, carbide, cobalt alloys, Hastelloy®, K-Monel, stainless steel (316/440C), tool and chrome alloy steel, "exotic" metals, ceramics, zirconia, sapphire, nylon, Delrin, polyester/PBT, plastics or glass. Major applications include valves or pumps, instrumentation, gauges, medical devices, customer products or many automotive uses.

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Large Diameter Steel Balls
Large Diameter Steel Balls

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