Tooling and Checking Balls

Tooling and Checking BallsTooling and Checking Balls(Construction Balls)
ITI manufactures and stocks three standard types of Tooling Balls, available singly or in any quantities, in diameters of 1/4″ through 1″ in 1/8″ increments. Balls and shanks are made of 440-C stainless steel hardened to 55-58 Rc, and are also available in tungsten carbide.

They are assembled by a propriety technique that retains the initial high precision and finish of the balls. The weld between ball and shank is made somewhat fragile so that the ball will drop off if subjected to an unusually heavy lateral force.

This prevents setup and inspection errors that might occur because of accidental bending of the shank. However, balls of special construction for withstanding heavy loads or shock are available on request. A variety of other configurations, materials, sizes and tolerances can be furnished on order.


Tooling Checking

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