ITI Ball - precision ball manufacturer for the aerospace industry


ITI can meet your specialty ball needs for aerospace applications. ITI can produce balls from any workable material to meet specific requirements for weight, magnetic properties, self lubrication and corrosion resistance.

IndustrialITI Ball - precision ball manufacturer for Industrial applications

ITI supplies precision balls from a large variety of materials that serve a wide range of industries. ITI is ready to assist you with your industrial applications.

ITI Ball - precision ball manufacturer for medical applications


ITI is one of the largest suppliers of precision balls for multiple applications in the medical industry. ITI has over 70 years of experience supplying a wide variety of medical manufacturers with medical grade balls used in medical implants, devices and medical instrumentation. ITI understands the medical industry and the requirements needed, ITI looks forward to working with you on your next project.

NuclearITI Ball - precision ball manufacturer for nuclear applications

ITI supplies precision engineered balls used in almost all nuclear applications from Navy vessels to nuclear reactors. Our products are used worldwide and have been specified by all major manufacturers in the nuclear industry.

ITI Ball - precision ball manufacturer for the oil & gas industry

Oil & Gas

ITI supplies balls and other spherical products for ball valves, metering pumps, flow meters, flow indicators and valves and pumps. In the flow control industry “zero leaks” is the critical customer demand. ITI supplies many of the worlds leading pump, fluid and flow control companies.