Oil and Gas—Ball and Seat Manufacturing

ITI Ball - precision ball manufacturer for the oil & gas industry

A large portion of our customers use our ball and seat products for sucker bar pump applications. We have customers that always ask about the different materials available to increase the life of the ball and seat valves. The three most common materials that we recommend for balls and seats are Tungsten Carbide, Nickel Carbide, and Titanium Carbide.

Tungsten Carbide is the industry standard because it has proven itself over and over again. It has excellent wear properties and has a Cobalt binder, but it is slightly more expensive. Nickel Carbide has similar wear properties and has a Nickel binder. It ideal for wet environments because it is not corrosive. Titanium Carbide is also popular because it is a highly alloyed material suitable for all environments. Titanium Carbide has the advantages of being less expensive, easier to manufacture, and weighs considerably less than the other two materials.