Gauge Products

Tooling Balls and Checking BallsTooling Balls and Checking Balls
Available from stock in sizes from 1/8″ to 1″ in increments of 1/8″. ITI Tooling and Checking Balls are made of Type 440C stainless steel hardened to Rc 55-58. Tooling balls are assembled by a proprietary welding technique that retains the high precision and fine finish of the balls.

Master Ball SetsMaster Ball Sets
Master Balls are made of the finest grade tungsten carbide and are therefore highly resistant to corrosion, humidity and abrasion. Size and sphericity tolerances are held to 0.000010″ and are certified to the National Institute of Standards and Testing. All Master Balls are widely used in gage and tool rooms, and in inspection and production departments engaged in close-tolerance measurements.

Gaging Ball and Stem Combinations

ITI supplies answers to special gaging problems with a variety of ball and stem combinations made to precise tolerances. Balls can be any size, and the stem can be any length, diameter and shape. Available in tungsten carbide as well as 440-C stainless steel.

Welded Ball Assemblies
Industrial Tectonics welded ball and stem assemblies utilize a precision ball, are very concentric, have excellent weld strength and may be manufactured from several materials. Balls may be welded, brazed (silver soldered) or glued onto the stem. The ball may be completely round or may have other features such as flats, holes, grooves, etc. ITI is capable of supplying the stem, shank or ferrule as specified, or will weld a precision ball on a customer supplied stem.