Black Glass Balls

Precision black glass balls are used in aircraft slip and turn indicators and other aircraft instrumentation.  Black glass balls are also used in flowmeters for many industries including chemical processing and medical.  Rotameters are a particular kind of flowmeter, based on the variable area principle. Precision balls provide a simple, precise and economical means of indicating flow rates in fluid systems.   In rotameters, black glass balls are used as floats or sight indicators.  Standard black glass balls have a density of 0.0914 lb/in3.  Many other common rotameter floats are also available from ITI including orange glass balls, stainless steel balls, tantalum balls, tungsten carbide balls, ruby sapphire balls etc.

Glass balls are dimensionally stable, resist corrosion, and chemical absorption well, and can withstand temperatures up to 600ºF.

Standard Fractional Black Glass Balls
Many standard fractional inch size black glass balls are available off the shelf in both polished and matte finish (see below), many other sizes are and grades are also available from stock or special order.

Black Glass Balls Chart



Standard Material Chart