Modified Balls for the Automotive and Fuel Displacement Industries

Modified Balls for Auto IndustryIII has over 50 years experience as an OEM supplier, something you need when designing close-tolerance automotive and small engine parts. Rather than working with the same old design limitations—turn to ITI for innovative design solutions which will propel your company into the next century. Turn your design visions into reality.

ITI’s strategy is to function as an extension of our customers through a commitment to identify and provide engineered solutions to design problems. We seek to blend technical innovation with cost-effective manufacturing and outstanding service.

We can simplify your design by eliminating the need for two-piece assemblies, secondary manufacturing steps, and costly outside vendors.

ITI modified balls allow design and manufacturing capabilities that are often overlooked. We can make your designs reality.

We are able to maintain tolerances and sphericity to 0.00001″ on:

  • Critical radii
  • Perfectly parallel surfaces
  • Through holes and chamfers
  • Concentric holes
  • Run out requirements
    And provide:
  • Super-finishing
  • 1-2 micron surface finishes
    ITI can even do this on half and partial balls.

Some examples of our modified ball capabilities
Throttle body injectors: Big 3

  • Sole source supplier of modified ball component
  • Over 50 million parts produced
  • JIT delivery with zero defects

Compressor Shoes: Big 3

  • Custom designed work cells
  • JIT delivery of 80,000 pieces per day
  • Special grinding, cleaning and measuring
  • Exact size classification of each and every part

Air bag ball: Big 3

  • Special cleaning process developed
  • Special clean room constructed
  • Tolerance ±0.000010″ with matched mating parts
  • Annual production of 5 million parts

Fuel injectors and fuel regulators: Big 3 and small engine

  • Super finished surfaces to 1-2 micro-inches
  • Over 50 million parts in various configurations

Let ITI modify any ball, to any specification you can think of, while maintaining the tightest tolerances in the industry. In the automotive industry, ITI has provided engineered solutions to an array of complicated problems and products.

Stringent engineering requirements are maintained throughout all of our manufacturing processes. Measuring and visual inspection ensures we meet your specifications. Full certification of materials and measurement is available. All finished products are traceable to NIST standards and subject to computerized SPC.

ITI will provide engineered solutions to your design problems.

Please fill our ITI request a quote for engineering and design support. We will turn your quote around quickly with the most cost-effective solution in the industry.

Modified Balls Chart