Modified Balls for the Valve and Flow Control Industries

In the flow control industry “zero leaks” is a critical customer demand. This demand requires using extremely close-tolerance component parts. Maintaining “zero leaks” is difficult—NOT IMPOSSIBLE with ITI.

Let us provide an engineered solution for you. ITI has over 50 years of experience solving flow control problems such as corrosion, hydraulic hammering, premature wear and pressure leaks. ITI’s strategy is to function as an extension of our customers through a commitment to identify and provide engineered solutions to design problems. We seek to blend technical innovation with cost-effective manufacturing and outstanding service.

We can simplify your design by eliminating the need for two-piece assemblies, secondary manufacturing steps, and costly outside vendors. ITI has proven experience helping provide engineered solutions to the most demanding customers.

Some examples of our modified ball capabilitiesWe are able to maintain tolerances and sphericity to 0.00001′ on:

  • Critical radii
  • Perfectly parallel surfaces
  • Through holes and chamfers
  • Concentric holes
  • Run out requirements

And provide:

  • Super-finishing
  • 1-2 micron surface finishes ITI can even do this on half and partial balls.


The creative design and precision manufacturing of “just the right ball” can make a major difference in the function and cost of your finished product. When you deal with ITI, you can be sure nothing will be overlooked while giving you the best modified ball solution.

ITI has over 50 years experience providing engineered solutions for the most demanding flow control manufacturers in the industry. We have the knowledge and experience necessary to help you end your problems with corrosion, pressure leaks, hydraulic hammering, and premature wear. Turn your designs into reality.

Modified Balls Chart