Special Alloy Balls

Monel and K-Monel Balls

Monel 400 and Monel 500 (often referred to as K-Monel) are Nickel base alloys used for balls in high corrosion and/or high temperature applications.  Monel balls and K-monel balls are used in non-oxidizing corrosive environments in the chemical pump, precision valves, pharmaceutical, marine, petroleum, textile, laundry, pulp and paper industries.  Monel and K-Monel balls are commonly used with sea water dilute sulfuric acid and monel and k-monel balls are highly resistant to alkaline (caustic) solutions.  K-Monel balls are used where additional strength and hardness is desired.


Hastelloy® Balls (Hastelloy is a registered trademark of Cabot Corp.)

Hastelloy balls are used extensively in check valves where maximum resistance to corrosion and wear are required.  Hastelloy C-276 balls are ideal for applications in petrochemical processing equipment. In the Aerospace industry, Hastelloy X weld balls are ideal for applications in the hot combustor zone sections of gas turbines. Hastelloy balls are used for structural components in industrial furnace applications because of excellent oxidation resistance.


Inconel balls

Inconel balls, can be made from a variety of Inconel alloys. Inconel alloys are a nickel base with chromium and iron. Many Inconel alloys were developed for specific applications. Inconel balls can be made from these various alloys to satisfy the need for mechanical properties at high temperatures and corrosion resistance to certain chemicals often at elevated temperatures. Inconel alloys generally have excellent creep and rupture strength and high tensile and yield strengths especially at elevated temperatures.  Inconel balls are made for use in jet engine applications where high temperatures exist. Inconel balls and seats have been used by NASA on the space shuttle launch pads. Inconel balls are also made for valves and pumps and other fluid handling equipment when corrosion resistance is required.


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